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Who are Northside Spine and Pain Specialists?

We are a team of Board Certified Anesthesiologists with Subspecialty Board Certifications in Pain Management, who along with nurse practitioners and physician assistants specially trained in the practice of pain management, offer you the most current diagnostics, therapies, and procedures tailored to the unique needs of each patient. As members of Northside Anesthesiology Consultants, LLC, the anesthesia practice serving Northside Hospital, Northside Spine and Pain Specialists provide comprehensive spine and pain evaluation and treatment through the Northside Spine Center and the Northside Pain Treatment Center.

What are the Northside Spine Center and the Northside Pain Treatment Center?

Northside Spine and Pain Specialists staff both the Northside Hospital’s Spine Center and the Pain Treatment Center. The Spine Center accepts patients either by physician-referral or patient self-referral. At the Spine Center, Northside Spine and Pain Specialists evaluate the patient and offer a multi-disciplinary approach to care according to the patient’s needs. We may treat the patient’s pain management needs or refer to other team specialties, as needed. The Pain Treatment Center accepts patients through physician-referral only. We will evaluate and treat or perform interventional pain procedures as requested by the referring physician. We offer a full range of pain treatment modalities.

What services do you provide?

Northside Spine and Pain Specialists render complete diagnostic and therapeutic services for every patient’s spinal care and pain needs. Our pain management specialists and the neurological and orthopedic surgeons on staff at Northside are recognized experts offering services through the Northside Hospital Spine Center. Patients in need of a complete diagnostic evaluation should be referred to the Spine Center.

Patients already diagnosed with chronic pain conditions may be referred directly to the Northside Hospital Pain Treatment Center. Northside Spine and Pain Specialists provide comprehensive evaluation and management of acute and chronic pain conditions.

How quickly can I be seen?

Typically, patients can be seen within 2 to 4 days. We understand the urgency of a patient in pain and make every attempt to accommodate your needs.

Will my referring physician receive communication regarding my care?

Yes, we dictate and forward office visit and procedure notes to keep your referring physician informed. We will manage your spine or pain complaint and your primary care physician or surgeon continues to manage your primary and continued care.

What is so special about Northside Hospital?

Northside Hospital has been voted as “Atlanta’s most preferred hospital in overall health care services for 13 consecutive years”.